If all the world’s a stage, the greatest role you ever get to play is YOU.


As a Business Leader, you perform many roles, but the greatest role you play, the one in which you are always centre stage, and in the spotlight, is in performing as YOU. This is when you are at your most alive, aligned, and inspirational. This is when you are connected to your Authentic Voice and Presence Power.

Applying years of experience from the theatre stage to the business stage, I’ve worked with thousands of leaders worldwide across every industry, from Energy to Entertainment, Finance to Formula 1, and Recruitment to Retail, helping transform their personal performance for greater impact, influence, and engagement.

Whether you need to rouse your team, present to the Board, influence stakeholders, speak to one person or a thousand people, I invite you into the rehearsal room to ignite your Authentic Voice and Presence Power to shine in every role you play.


“Incredibly empowering and inspiring keynote!”

Susan MacKenty Brady, Deloitte Ellen Gabriel Chair for Women and Leadership; CEO, Simmons University Institute for Inclusive Leadership


My keynotes invite you into a ‘rehearsal room’ where you enjoy an energizing journey of storytelling, transformational client case studies, playful interactions, powerful messages, and ready-to-apply tips and tools. You’ll leave the room feeling uplifted, confident, and inspired to ignite your Authentic Voice and fullest Presence as a leader.

“What a brilliant start to the day at the Women in Nuclear UK annual conference… such an inspirational speech by Diana Theodores!”

Ryan O'Neil, Construction Manager at Exyte Hargreaves

“Diana is so ‘on point’….magnificent flow… electric!”

Liz Norris, Senior Specialist, Irish Management Institute

If you are booking Diana for a talk you are making a great choice and obviously value working with reliable, committed people who will do their very best for you!

“Diana brought such energy, passion and wisdom to us…what an inspiration!”

Lisa Telford, Portfolio Talent Director, Montagu Private Equity


Lead from Your Story

Before your audience, team, clients and other stakeholders can care about what you know, they have to know who you are. Your story is your best asset. Now is the perfect time to discover your story, connect to your ‘why’ and harness your experience to bring your fullest self forward. Learn how to leverage the insights and messages from your story in service to others and inspire confidence and commitment.

Communication Fitness

Learn the fast track ‘3 C’s’ for great communication, presenting and pitching. Make your messages land every time in every environment using the art of simple, fail-proof rehearsal methods.

Leadership Expression: In Your Own Voice 

Experience the power of great language. Surprise and surpass yourself as you make words your own even when you are not the author of them and upgrade the power of your speaking. Powerful learning through dramatic texts applied to your critical communication in business.

Your Impact and Influence is Not a One-Size-Fits-All

Understand the relationship between your environments and your performance. Learn how to be fully present, and how to prepare yourself, not just your content for results.

Your Personal Leadership Brand DNA

Take a ‘Brand Audit’ to explore, surface and craft how you want to be seen and heard as a leader, how you communicate your vision and values, and how you uniquely show up to inspire those you lead.

Inspiration = Energy

Live format only
This a creative, playful ‘tune up’ for your authentic voice and presence. Come prepared to surprise yourself as you connect to your sources of inspiration and understand how to tap into your amazing energy range for higher quality impact and engagement.

Masterclasses are experiential, practical and 100% application-based content.

In-person half-day (4-hours) or full day (8-hour) sessions

Online sessions from 90 minutes - 3-hours

You have had such an impact on me and the impact I will have on our organisation and sector…I feel energised, excited but most of all empowered.

James Streeter, First Soloist, English National Ballet, and Dance Leaders of the Future

The process of working with Diana was liberating. ..She released a power in me that I never knew I possessed

Leila Khazaneh, Strategic Advisor and Director
Blockchain and Cryptoassets Counsel.

If you are booking Diana for a Masterclass you are making a great choice and obviously value working with reliable, committed people who will do their very best for you!

Just a few sessions with Diana have created an astonishing difference!...I have a new perspective and a far greater sense of confidence.

Samantha Stapley, Chief Operations and People Officer, the Trussell Trust


As your coach it’s my privilege and passion to serve and support you on your transformative journey of performing as you.

The great news is that my coaching approach gets fast and sustainable results. You won’t be locked into a long, slow process. You already have all the resources you need to awaken your Authentic Voice and Presence Power: your life story, your experience and wisdom, your talents and gifts, your creative energy, your sources of inspiration, and your unique life force.

It just takes a bit of guided awareness and practice to activate and harness your ‘natural resources’ and enjoy the lucrative results.

I’ll show you how.

Through coaching you will:

Raise your awareness of your signature strengths so you really see them, believe them, and use them with intention and integrity.

Feel at ease owning your expertise and authority

Discover your Presence DNA embedded in your life story, how to embody it and leverage it.

Update or replace the stories that no longer serve you and craft new ones that are much more accurate and powerful.

Learn how to align your voice, body and energy for more impact, effectiveness, and gravitas.

Discover your choices for impact to be more a more confident, credible, and compelling communicator.

Master the power of story to get your messages across for more influence.

Understand the difference between preparing your content and preparing yourself and upskill in both.

Learn tools for staying centered and resilient when you’re feeling under pressure, anxious or stressed.

Articulate your vision to inspire yourself and others.

Ignite your creative fire.

I look forward to the opportunity to hear your story, to fortify, support, nudge, and challenge you. I look forward to your transformative ‘ah ha’ moments when you feel something shift inside you and there is no going back. I will applaud and celebrate you as you step into your fullest self and perform as you.

To say I feel so much more empowered after my coaching with Diana is an understatement! ….

Seema Alibhai, Senior Director, Global Media at Unreasonable Group

Sessions with Diana Theodores were Wow. Just wow. The whole process of working with Diana has been amazing. It focused on changing the stories I was telling myself and giving myself permission to be good at it

Matt Harrison, Senior Director of Business Development & Partnerships, ASDA

Diana helped me articulate my story in a way that felt meaningful and authentic… a was a huge wake-up call… I cannot recommend working with Diana highly enough…you come away walking taller and thinking a lot clearer.

Caitríona McLaughlin, Artistic Director, Abbey Theatre, Dublin.

Diana is the most impressive coach that I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

Jo Palmer, former Director, Divestment, Development & Group Property, Lloyds Banking Group

If you are booking Diana for a Coaching session you are making a great choice and obviously value working with reliable, committed people who will do their very best for you!