The Performing As YOU Programme

As a leader you operate in a great variety of environments and scenarios – from the live to the virtual, the boardroom to the auditorium, team meetings to 1-2-1’s. Agility, gravitas, and the ability to create maximum engagement in all the roles you play are key elements of your impact and influence. And the most important thing of all? Senior leaders I work with worldwide most frequently say they want to get great results while feeling and acting on a deeper sense of self and authenticity: “to feel more like me”. 


Bring your full self forward

Based on the 10 key principles of this widely acclaimed book, experience a unique performance-coaching programme that shows you how you can be yourself, keep it real, and transform your personal performance.

As a team or organisation you can enjoy this content in a flexible portfolio of formats, including off-site immersions, masterclasses, interactive talks, and in-house intensives.

“Coaching with Diana has had a transformational impact on my career and as a person generally. I have undergone a complete mindset shift towards my approach to communication and am already seeing my profile and circle of influence increase at work. My confidence has increased massively and I feel much better placed to rise up to challenges rather than merely getting through them… Whatever your current ability and visibility Diana will elevate you to another level.”

Paul Denton, Group Finance Director, Firstport

“Promoted new ways of thinking…I now have a creative toolbox and it was great to discover the power of creativity”


“… a lot of profound yet practical takeaways, in a safe environment…”

Egon Zehnder

“…World-class performance coach, Diana Theodores, shows that she understands the things that hold back even very successful people, and that she knows how to help you break through these barriers…Truly, if you did just one of the many great (and fun) exercises in this book, I believe you would see a big difference in how you live your day: more joy, more connection, more presence, more impact…”

Martin Boroson,

Founder, The One Moment Company, Dean, Transformational Programs, Mobius Executive Leadership