Who am I, but more importantly who are you?

If you are looking at my website and clicked on ‘Story’ a very warm welcome and thank you for your curiosity.

Have you ever climbed Mt. Everest, survived a catastrophic disaster or won an Olympic Gold Medal?

Neither have I so we have that in common!

SO, if you’re seeking a motivational speaker or coach have you come to the right place? YES, you have.

I grew up in New York, raised on a steady diet of great performances. From Bernstein to Broadway to Baryshnikov and beyond, you name it, I saw it! Every curtain call was a thrill and an epiphany for me, and still is. In those moments when as an audience we witnesses a great performance and erupt from our seats in standing ovation we share a palpable, physical, emotional, tribal energy. This energy of inspiration from great performance makes us feel more in every way: More alive, more optimistic, more passionate, more motivated, and more courageous.

It’s my mission to connect you to your unique energy and inspiration that ignites your fire, grows your wings and connects you to your authentic voice and presence. When you dare to bring yourself fully forward as a leader, team player, and human being, you experience your own inner standing ovation, elevate all those around you and make a difference in all your environments and roles.


Having spent many years in the world of theatre helping artists to grow their greatest performances , I have translated this powerful process for the business stage and serve leaders around the globe with transformational coaching and talks.

My clients, from Finance to Formula 1, Energy to Entertainment, Retail to Real Estate, and Legal to Leisure often describe me as an energy conductor who offers an irresistible invitation to shine in all the roles they play.

It’s my privilege and passion to inspire you to achieve your greatest presence and performance as YOU. When you perform as YOU, you connect first to yourself, deeply and truthfully, and then to the world.

Experience feeling more authentic, more confident and more credible

Connect with your deeper sense of meaning and purpose by understanding and leveraging your story

Feel at ease in the spotlight and be a compelling communicator who will inspire confidence and commitment in all those around you

Be fluent in your capacity to think on your feet, go off script and be fully present

Surprise and surpass yourself with your reawakened creativity

You can find my podcasts, interviews and articles in Linked In, New Business, Forbes, Business Life, We Are the City, The Smart Manager, Glamour, Planet Mindful, Sunday Times StyleHappiful, the Cranfield School of Management Executive Knowledge Hub, BBC TV World Business Journal, Share Radio, Radio Ulster, and Newstalk.

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