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Inspiring leaders to step into their full, authentic presence


as YOU

“Diana has an aura that is simply captivating…From the minute she speaks you know you are in for a real treat.”

Julianne Antrobus, Global Head of Nuclear, PA Consulting

If all the world’s a stage, the greatest role you ever get to play is YOU.


As a Business Leader, you perform many roles, but the greatest role you play, the one in which you are always centre stage, and in the spotlight, is in performing as YOU. This is when you are at your most alive, aligned, and inspirational. This is when you are connected to your Authentic Voice and Presence Power.

Applying years of experience from the theatre stage to the business stage, I’ve worked with thousands of leaders worldwide across every industry, from Energy to Entertainment, Finance to Formula 1, and Recruitment to Retail, helping transform their personal performance for greater impact, influence, and engagement.

Whether you need to rouse your team, present to the Board, influence stakeholders, speak to one person or a thousand people, I invite you into the rehearsal room to ignite your Authentic Voice and Presence Power to shine in every role you play.



When you discover, ignite and experience your very own Authentic Voice and Presence power as a leader, it changes everything.
You have impact and influence as yourself. You inspire confidence and commitment in all those around you as yourself. You can think on your feet
and have grace, ease and agility in the spotlight as yourself. You can show up at your best and create magnificent engagement with all your audiences.
Your Authentic Voice and Presence Power makes a difference and makes so many things possible.

My keynotes invite you into a ‘rehearsal room’ where you'll enjoy an energizing journey of storytelling, transformational client case studies,
playful interactions, powerful messages, and ready-to-apply tips and tools. You’ll leave the room feeling uplifted, motivated, and inspired!


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