The Gift of Our Voices in the Virtual World

To have a voice is to be human. To have something to say is to be a person.

(In A Different Voice, Carol Gilligan)

As the doors of our theatres remain shut in the face of Covid-19 our challenge of connecting, communicating and indeed living so much of our lives in the contracted space of the virtual, within the small frame of our screens continues. The need to be Big in that small frame, to psychologically push open the “gallery view” of ourselves and others, and to breathe life into that virtual meeting ground through our voice, energy and presence is one of the most critical and essential skills of our time. 

In an act of great wisdom and artistry BBC One has been offering up the perfect injection of inspiration for this. Currently airing is playwright Alan Bennett’s critically acclaimed “Talking Heads” monologues, updated from 1988 and 1998 and newly performed by the splendid Harriet Walter, Imelda Staunton, Sarah Lancashire and Kristin Scott-Thomas and others. 

Essentially, the theatrical monologue is an indisputable, uninterrupted moment that belongs to the character to speak. Their voice is utterly personal and unique. They are seen and heard. They hold the space. They own the moment.

These same qualities are as essential for great performance on the business stage, virtual or live, as they are on the theatre or broadcast stage.  Having something to say and how to say it starts with connecting to that most powerful of instruments, your authentic voice and it has a profound impact on those around you, your audience.

Learn more about the power of finding your full voice and the essential ingredients of Feeling, Energy, Intention and Connection.

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